Rushed press regulations "a shambles"

As politicians colluded to clamp the press for the first time since 1695, the hastily drawn agreement that was voted through last night looks rushed and poorly thought out in the light of day.

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has asked to meet with David Cameron to discuss what the implication of a Royal Charter would be for Scotland, as it is not clear that the device takes into account the differences in Scots and English law.

The plans also seem to lack consideration for the implications of a shift of readerships from print to digital:

Our politics reporter James Waterson:

Paul Staines, the publisher of the Guido Fawkes political blog, last night told City A.M. that he would ignore the new regulator: “It’s a shambles done late at night. My site is hosted in California, are they going to send Royal Navy gunboats to pound my servers from Long Beach? There’s no way to enforce it.”

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