Rompuy pleased with a "productive summit"

President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy has published his remarks following the EU summit.

He highlighted the two key actions agreed upon last night - the €8bn to tackle youth unemployment and funding for small and medium sized enterprises.

This is also possible because we've managed to restore financial stability. We have halved public deficits (compared to before the crisis), we're now equipped to deal with financial turmoil and we've committed ourselves to a long-term roadmap to reinforce our Economic and Monetary Union for the future.

On this last point, we are moving at a steady pace towards the banking union; our top priority, to restore in this way normal lending to the economy.

He also welcomed Croatia, who will become the 28th member state ten years after it first applied on 1 July 2013, and Latvia, whose bid to join the single currency has been approved by EU leaders, and whose membership will be finalised by a vote from EU finance ministers in July.