Price tag of coffee with Tim Cook approaches $300,000

(Source: Reuters)

The price of a coffee with Apple boss Tim Cook has rocketed to $295,000 after just two days. Our reporter Cally Squires writes on the fundraiser:

The online auction, which is raising proceeds for anti-oppression charity the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, is offering a 30 minute to one hour coffee with the boss, at Apple’s California HQ.

But there was one unexpected name amongst the would-be coffee drinkers. A man by the name of Rory O’Neill – which happens to be the name of BlackBerry’s product and marketing vice president – made a bid but soon changed his username to “charitybidder10”.

Could it be BlackBerry’s man attempting to lunch with the enemy? Apparently it was all just a big coincidence, as the firm promised yesterday “he didn’t bid”.

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