Party leaders near press regulation deal

Representatives from all major parties are understood to have held talks for more than five hours, and are now close to a deal on press regulation. Sources from the Labour party suggest that the final agreement would be based on their plans for a Royal Charter, rather than the Royal Charter devised by the Conservatives.

Spiked Online's Editor Brendan O'Neill says that while not as bad as Miliband's plans for regulation, Cameron's proposal is not supportive of press freedom:

Is David Cameron the new Tom Paine, bravely battling for press freedom? He’d like us to think so, as would his cheerers among the commentariat. They claim his proposed Royal Charter on press regulation is a liberty-loving document, certainly in comparison with the tabloid-muzzling measures demanded by Ed Miliband.

This view of Cameron is as mad and made up as the worst redtop fabulism. It shows how depressingly low our horizons have sunk when it comes to liberty. Far from laissez-faire, Cameron’s Royal Charter, which MPs discuss today, promises to implement all of Lord Leveson’s proposals – just not to back them by statute.

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