From the paper - 28/03


Cyprus will today become the first Eurozone country to introduce draconian limits on how much money can be moved out of the country, as politicians battle to avoid a devastating bank run when branches reopen after 12 straight days of closures.
Britain's heavy-handed regulations are making it an increasingly unsafe environment for chief executives, a lawyer acting for Tidjane Thiam said yesterday, after the Prudential chief executive was censured by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Britain's biggest banks have underestimated the risks they are running and short of capital to the tune of £25bn, the Bank of England warned yesterday.
Allister Heath says that the FSA’s dissolution comes not one second too soon.
James Barty thinks the Bank is going in the wrong direction.
Anthony Browne argues that a full legal framework to ensure that taxpayers will never again have to bail out failing banks is necessary.
Jon Danielsson notes that temporary capital controls aren't often temporary.
Tim Wallace says the authorities are engaged in low-level banker bashing.

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