Obama and Putin sign new nuclear threat reduction agreement, moving away from the "Cold War mindset"

US president Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin have met privately at G8 to discuss nuclear disarmament.

The two leaders will sign an agreement to secure and destroy nuclear material in order to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. The arrangement would replace the Nunn-Lugar agreement signed in 1992 which expired yesterday. It’s notable that the new agreement does not cover some parts of the old one that focused on chemical and biological weapons.

Following the meeting, Obama said:

I think it is an example of the kind of constructive, cooperative relationship that moves us out of a Cold War mindset.

Meanwhile, newly-elected Iranian president Hassan Rohani has said that the country is ready to show more transparency on its own nuclear programme – but isn’t ready to suspend uranium enrichment.

In his first press conference since the election, Rohani said:

Our nuclear programs are completely transparent. But we are ready to show greater transparency and make clear for the whole world that the steps of the Islamic Republic of Iran are completely within international frameworks.