North Korea warns foreigners in South Korea

North Korea's spokesperson for its Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee has now warned foreigners in South Korea, as tensions escalate in the area.

We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war.


There isn't much in the way of subtlety here, as the warnings North Korea is issuing are increasingly bold. Allister Heath writes on the threat of those who lead a country with little concern for the wellbeing of its people:

The language that is emanating from North Korea is reaching new levels of madness, suggesting that some parts of its establishment may know that the game is up and would prefer to go down in a blaze of glory. If so, the logic of mutually assured destruction – which prevented the cold war from spiralling out of control and destroying civilisation – would cease to hold. Apparently irrational behaviour – in the sense of launching a war doomed to certain, catastrophic defeat and the overthrowing of the regime – would no longer be impossible. It is worth remembering that North Korea, the last real communist dictatorship, is presently the most evil regime on earth, happy to consign its enslaved people to quasi-stone age poverty and cutting them off almost completely from the rest of the world. It is, of course, unclear to outsiders what North Korea’s real plans and capabilities are – does it genuinely have the capacity to inflict crippling damage on its neighbours, as seems likely, or is its military a bit of a joke? It would be unwise to count on the latter.

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