Miliband announces open primary for London mayoral candidate and vows to reform relationship with unions

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has proposed that the next Labour candidate for the mayoral election will be chosen by a primary, with all Londoners who sign up to the party eligible to vote.

The proposal was part of a wider speech on reforming Labour's code of conduct and its relationship with trade unions. Notably, Miliband said that there will be a cap on donations to the party from individuals, businesses and trade unions, urging other leaders to do the same.

Miliband said that individual trade union members should be able to make "a more active, individual choice" on whether they become a member of the party, saying this new approach could actually increase membership. The challenge for Miliband now, of course, will be getting the unions on side.

Miliband also said he'd like to look at the use of open primaries when selecting candidates for other elections. This, he said, could have a real effect in reenergising the party.

He attempted to deflect attention onto the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats by saying he wanted to see a crackdown on MPs with second jobs.

Conservative MEP Dan Hannan has long advocated the use of open primaries, last week addressing Miliband directly in a blog for the Daily Telegraph.

A transcript of Miliband's speech can be read here.