Menswear "terminates" its founder George Zimmer

US clothing company Men's Wearhouse has added a new word to the lexicon used for firing people as it "terminated" founder George Zimmer.

No reason was given for the dismissal, and shares plunged seven per cent on the news. The company website still displays a link titled "George Zimmer: The Man Behind the Brand".

Zimmer is well-known in the US for appearing on his company's adverts, often concluding with the slogan: "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."

The odd use of the word "terminated" is reminiscent of HSBC's "demising" of over 3,000 jobs, Yahoo's plan "to become more fit" with a ten per cent staffing cut, or Nokia Siemens Networks' "synergy-related headcount adjustment" to describe 9,000 job losses.