Ikea pulls sausages from stores as horsegate continues

Ikea is pulling its wiener sausages from sale in France, Spain, UK, Ireland & Portugal. The sausages are produced by Dafgaard, the same Swedish suppler as its meatballs. Dafgaard is contesting the results of tests conducted on the meatballs by Czech Republic officials.

"Out of 320 tests performed in the last three weeks, none contain horsemeat," said the chief executive of Dafgaard, Ulf Dafgaard.

YouGov chief executive Stephan Shakespeare writes:

For food and supermarket brands we have seen some signs of a “knock-on” effect, with perception of brands falling regardless of whether or not they have been directly implicated in the horsemeat scandal.

That said, the examples of Morrisons and McDonald’s demonstrate that consumers are in fact paying attention to which brands have been tainted by horsemeat and which have not.

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