Greek unions call general strike after closure of state broadcaster, hopes of Greekovery seem optimistic

Unions in Greece have called for a 24 hour general strike after the closure of state broadcaster ERT last night. But despite this, the station is still streaming online.

The strike will only end when the government takes back this coup d'etat which gags information.

The Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said that Greece is sticking to its plans to set up a new, reformed public broadcaster according to Reuters. He added that the coutnry is currently undoing the mistakes of decades.

Samaras recently declared that the risk of a Grexit from the euro was over, and that the country was now experiencing a Greekovery.

As we wrote earlier, Greece is still in a pretty awful state, despite the passing of more than three years since its government debt was downgraded to junk.