Greece resumed state TV late last night to the anger of ERT workers still occupying building

Greece has resumed official state TV programming exactly one month after prime minister Antonis Samaras controversially closed the ERT station.

Official state programming resumed late last night, and will show old films and documentaries until a new government station with a news service is set up. Last night kicked off with a classic black and white comedy followed by a documentary about a Greek surrealist poet.

ERT’s headquarters are still being occupied by 2,700 fired employees. Pantelis Kapsis, who has been appointed to oversee the creation of the New Radio Internet and Television (Nerit), has been in talks with them for the past two weeks, offering to rehire 2,000 of them in the transitional service before the new service is finalised.

Kapsis said yesterday that hiring for the transitional TV service could only go ahead once ERT’s headquarters are evacuated, but he ruled out sending in riot police.

The clunky logo has been ridiculed by many, with news blog ΠPEZA TV comparing it to the admittedly similar one of Soviet state television.