Google's competitors given a month to examine proposed antitrust concessions

(Source: Reuters)

European Union antitrust regulators have told rivals of Google to give feedback on concessions offered by the company within a month. Google's proposals include marking out its services from rival products in search results as well as to provide links to at least three competing search engines. Specialised websites will be allowed to mark out specific categories on their sites to prevent the use of this content by Google.

The antitrust case includes complainants Microsoft, TripAdvisor and Expedia. These parties are expected to demand further concessions.

Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP) have stressed that complainants must have enough time to review the offer put forward:

It is very important to provide complainants and interested parties with the opportunity to review the proposals and offer their observations, including evidence to show how the proposals will play out in practice. Google has had some time to test the proposals and how they might affect user clicks. We believe complainants and others also have an important role to play not least because of the sectoral expertise they offer.