Gartner predicts that tablet sales will overtake PCs in 2015/16

(Source: Reuters)

Figures from technology research firm Gartner released today indicate that by 2015/16 tablet sales will have overtaken PCs as tablet popularity has soared in recent years (report). Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner said:

While there will be some individuals who retain both a personal PC and a tablet, especially those who use either or both for work and play, most will be satisfied with the experience they get from a tablet as their main computing device.

As consumers shift their time away from their PC to tablets and smartphones, they will no longer see their PC as a device that they need to replace on a regular basis.

Gartner predictions for operating system unit sales see Blackberry declining further in coming years with Android becoming increasingly dominant:

2012: Android - 497m, Windows - 346m, iOS/MacOS - 213m, RIM - 35m
2013: Android - 860m, Windows - 354m, iOS/MacOS - 293m, RIM - 31m
2014: Android - 1,060m, Windows - 398m, iOS/MacOS - 359m, RIM - 27m

2017: Android - 1,468m, Windows - 571m, iOS/MacOS - 504m, RIM - 24m