Euromoney acquires HSBC's Quantitative Techniques

In separate announcements today Euromoney and HSBC have said that Euromoney will be taking control of HSBC's Quantitative Techniques (QT) operation.

QT is the benchmark and calculation agent business of HSBC Bank plc and creates and maintains more than 100 equity and bond indices for HSBC's Global Markets division as well as over 60 external clients.

Completion of the sale will take place after a transition phase, which is expected to take six months.


Under the terms of the Transaction, HSBC has committed to retain the services of QT for a period of three years from the completion date.


Euromoney chairman Richard Ensor commented on the deal:

HSBC is a trusted and important partner as well as a key client. Euromoney looks forward to working with HSBC over the next three years and, it hopes, for many years afterwards to develop the QT business. This acquisition gives Euromoney the opportunity to establish a significant footprint in the attractive index compilation market.