Euro thrown about by manufacturing data

Eurozone Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) manufacturing data from Markit Economics (release) has been released throughout the morning. Eurozone PMI was at 47.9 rather than the expected 47.8. Now all the figures are in:

Ireland 51.5 (3-month high)
Germany 50.3 (13-month high, versus 50.1 expected)
Netherlands 49.0 (3-month low)
Austria 48.3 (2-month low)
Spain 46.8 (20-month high, versus 46.5 expected)
Italy 45.8 (3-month low, versus 47.5 expected)
France 43.9 (2-month high, versus 43.6 expected)
Greece 43.0 (9-month high)
Numbers above 50 imply an expansion, so where we see numbers increase we might interpret that as possible green shoots for recovery. PMI typically correlates well with GDP, and is more forward looking than delayed GDP figure releases. So these numbers will give us an idea of what's to come.
We've seen the Euro jump about in reaction to these changes:
(Source: Yahoo! Finance)