Enrico Letta named as Italian Prime Minister two months after the election

(Source: Reuters)

Enrico Letta of the centre-left coalition has been named as Italian Prime Minister, two months after the election took place. Independent think tank Open Europe provides some preliminary analysis:

Letta emerged as the main candidate in the last 24 hours. The fact that Napolitano has chosen Letta is significant for at least two reasons:

  • Letta is undoubtedly a politician, as opposed to the previous favourite Giuliano Amato, who would have been seen as a technocratic Prime Minister. This means Napolitano has opted for a political solution to the post-election stalemate;
  • Letta is 47, and Amato is 75. So the choice made by 88-year-old Napolitano addresses the Italian electorate's call for a rejuvenation of the political system. This is significant in the 'old vs young' struggle that has characterised Italian politics recently.

(Open Europe)