Ecuadorian embassy will continue to provide asylum for Assange, who is willing to stay a further five years

Ecuador’s foreign minister in London Ricardo Patino has said the Ecuadorian embassy will continue to provide WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - who is wanted for questioning over two sexual assault allegations in Sweden - with asylum.

Patino says that the reasons for which Assange was granted asylum are still relevant. He added that Assange is prepared to stay there for five years. He will, however, continue to keep communication channels open with his UK counterpart Willaim Hague.

In an interview with AFP to mark the one-year anniversary of his life in the embassy, Assange says it has been "like living on a space station". He's been using a sun lamp to make up for the lack of natural light and exercising on a treadmill, all the while continuing his work.

He praised exiled former CIA employee Edward Snowden as a "hero" who has "performed an extremely courageous act". Although he's prepared to stay for another half decade, he clearly doesn't want to. The interviewer concludes by asking where he will be this time next year. "Hopefully Australia, Ecuador, travelling the world."

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