Construction 2025: UK government wants to halve project delivery times and GG emissions and boost exports by 50 per cent

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have released a report on their vision of the UK construction industry in 2025. Broadly speaking, their goal over this time frame is to lower costs by a third, speed up delivery times by 50 per cent, reduce the trade gap by 50 per cent, and halve emissions of greenhouse gasses.

To achieve these goals, BIS have set out an action plan with a number of targets, which it says will be continuously updated and supplemented over time. Among the targets, BIS will be focusing on developing its "building innovation modelling" (a process to generate digital models of a building to support decision making from design through demolition) programme, and exploring the appetite for a trade “grouping” of UK based contractors to boost export growth.

There will also be efforts to make construction a more attractive career option for young people. For example, BIS will be looking into how to make apprenticeships less dependent on market fluctuations and to get an industry commitment to having young people working on sites.

BIS will be working with the industry, and with the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), to “develop and refine the pipeline of future work opportunities and make it more usable for all construction businesses”. This will include, crucially, encouraging more non-government owned pipelines to build up a better picture of future demand.

The report follows data released this morning showing the construction industry expanded for the second month in a row in June - although the outlook generally has been fairly bleak.

Source: BIS