The Close - 28/02

RBS' results digested badly throughout the day, with the stock finishing down by 6.60 per cent. News that Osborne has meddled heavily in decisions the bank has to make hasn't helped matters.

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

The bank's chief executive Stephen Hester spoke of unlevel playing fields, but didn't have his own opinion to give on bonus caps. He said he hadn't looked into the issue. That seems unlikely, but few have been willing to defend the rights of banks to decide how and how much they pay employees. But analysts have made the case that the EU's new rules would increase risk while Boris Johnson warns that they would be the worst thing since Emperor Diocletian fixed agricultural prices in the third century.

Some bankers might leave the UK, and we might also see top talent move to hedge funds and private equity. The real danger is that when banks can't reduce bonuses in bad years, they will reduce staff numbers instead. The EU's rules probably won't make banking more robust, but it's likely that we will see more redundancies.

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