China launches anti-dumping investigation into European wines

China has launched an investigation into whether the EU is subsidising and dumping wine in Chinese markets, following a request in May from the China Alcoholic Drinks association on behalf of the domestic wine industry.

The Chinese commerce ministry first announced the possibility of an investigation on 5 June 2013. A day earlier, the European Commission had imposed an anti-dumping tariff of 11.8 per cent on Chinese solar panel imports, which would rise to 47 per cent in August if no solution was found. This latest development is one of a number of trade disputes in recent times between the EU and China.

A statement on the Chinese Ministry of Commerce website said:

China's investigation department will strictly abide by China's relevant laws and regulations and meet the demands of relevant World Trade Organization rules.

In the investigation process, the Ministry of Commerce will follow the principles of openness, fairness and transparency, fully respect all parties' legal rights, and make a fair ruling based on objective fact and the relevant laws and regulations.

The EU has denied the dumping of wine in China or the subsidising of exports.