Cameron: Government will support social housing and aid spending

Peter Spence
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Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron said that the government would support social housing, apparently we'll "hear more on that in a second" as he defended a plan to remove spare room subsidies in place for those in underoccupied social housing.

The Prime Minister also defended 0.7 per cent of GDP spending on international aid contributions in order to aid less developed nations. However some argue that the spending is counter productive:

The 0.7% target is based on a defunct theory using data from nearly half a century ago. It is creating significant waste and is completely arbitrary. The Coalition should scrap the target immediately and allow the recently appointed Justine Greening to thoroughly review the whole of the aid budget. Meanwhile, it should push for the things we know do improve outcomes in developing countries: improving political accountability and stability, reducing global protectionism, safeguarding property rights and enforcing contracts.

(Centre for Policy Studies)