Betfair rejects takeover bid

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Betfair, the world's largest internet betting exchange, has responded to a takeover bid issued by CVC Capital (release)(our emphasis):

On 19 April 2013, the Board of Betfair received a preliminary proposal (the "Proposal") from the Co-offerors regarding a possible offer for the Company at an offer price of 880 pence per Betfair share in cash or an unlisted securities alternative comprising shares and loan notes (subject to an unspecified overall limit) in a new entity to be incorporated to implement the Proposal.


The Board of Betfair has reviewed the Proposal with its advisers and rejected it on the basis that it fundamentally undervalues the Company and its attractive prospects, and is highly conditional.

Gerald Corbett, Chairman of Betfair, said:

We have a unique business with a market position, profitability, cash flow and prospects that this proposal fails to recognise. Our new management team are implementing the strategy announced in December 2012 and it is this that will realise value for shareholders. We will provide an update to the market on 7 May 2013 to set out the good progress we are making in the implementation of our strategy, including cost efficiencies, and our recent trading performance.