Bernanke comments see the dollar hit 4.5 year highs against yen

(Source: Reuters)

US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has said that he sees no benefit in tapering off quantitative easing, and has warned against doing so "prematurely", but as Bernanke suggested taper may occur in the "next few meetings" if US data kept improving, markets reacted positively.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has seen triple digit gains as a result of the comments and the dollar has risen to a four and a half year high against yen.

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)
Bernanke said that "inflation if anything is a little bit too low" but said that "very low interest rates, if maintained for too long, could undermine financial stability". He reminded the hearing that the health of the economy is "not the Fed's job" but "the private sector's job and Congress' job".
The central banker did say that "high rates of unemployment and underemployment are extraordinarily costly". He added that the Bank of Japan's monetary policy - nicknamed Abenomics - seems to be working.