Average large US hedge fund holds $1.8bn in assets

The biggest hedge funds in the United States held $1.47 trillion (£970bn) in net assets and $1.06 trillion in secured and unsecured borrowings as of the fourth quarter, according to the first report on confidential data provided to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Some 823 hedge funds holding over $500m each in net assets have been asked to provide detailed data on their leverage, exposure to risk and liquidity by the SEC, which in turn has been required to collect that information and submit an annual report to Congress on how it has been used under a provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. This means the average large US hedge fund holds approximately $1.786bn.

Of the funds meeting the $500m threshold, 569 had a single primary strategy and 252 multiple strategies (two did not report). Some 27 per cent of the $1.47 trillion net assets could be liquidated within a day and 53 per cent within a week. Just 15 per cent would take more than six months.

And around seven per cent of the net assets could be withdrawn by investors within a day and 24 per cent within a month. Some 26 per cent would take over a year to get back.