Another push for Grexit

The idea of a 'Grexit' (or Greek exit of the Eurozone) isn't one we hear as much of these days, but a new political movement launched in Greece today plans to put the idea back on the political map. Former leader of Syriza (the coalition of 13 left-wing and radical left parties) Alekos Alavanos will launch a movement to leave the single currency.

"All countries have a Plan B for Greece, only Greece does not have a Plan B should it have to leave the euro," Alavanos told Skai television on Tuesday.

"If Greece were to exit the European Union we would be much better off than we are today and would never have had to reach this point," he said, adding "that no country has ever managed to exit a crisis with a 'hard' currency. The euro is a hard and expensive currency."

"It is madness to have the same currency as Germany when Germany, unlike us, has a stable economy," Alavanos said.