Tax advisor turns hero in dramatic Thames rescue

Gabriella Griffith
KPMG's Paul Sopher (Source: KPMG)
He spends most of his days helping people out with their tax arrangements but on Monday, KPMG tax advisor Paul Sopher helped someone with a little bit more than that – by saving them from the Thames.
Sopher was winding down after work, having a drink with his girlfriend at a river boat bar moored at Temple. Having heard bystanders screaming he saw a woman in distress in the Thames. Emergency services had reportedly been called but frantic callers had given them the wrong directions – so in he dived.
The KMPG-er managed to get a life-ring to the woman and helped her to swim ashore, where the bar staff aided him in getting her back on dry land.
"Despite a police helicopter overhead and river rescue‎ teams en route it became obvious that the young lady was very tired and struggling to stay afloat. I didn't really have time to think, I just knew she needed help and jumped in,” said Sopher.
"The water was quite cold and the current was really strong and at one point I worried that neither of us would get to safety. I have to say a big thanks to the people on the bank and the boat bar for getting the life ring to us so quickly. The emergency services were fantastic."
The girl was treated at the scene by paramedics shortly afterwards and following a once over himself, Sopher returned to his girlfriend. So impressed by his gallant move, the bar owner offered him free drinks.
Sopher was back at his desk in Canary Wharf the next morning and the young lady was believed to be recovering well. He has been put forward for a police commendation following his actions. A hero in our midst.