The Church Of England's releasing a rap song today. Listen to "We need a union on the streets" here

Gabriella Griffith
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (Source: Getty)

The Church of England may well be the last body you’d expect to dip its toe in rap culture, but today it has by launching its very own rap song.

As with many a great rap track, it’s all about money. But before you start picturing the Archbishop of Canterbury riffing about his Rolex, you should know it’s all about payday lenders and how dangerous they are, yo. And it features the Jay-Z of personal finance, Martin Lewis.

Written is the brainchild of music producer Charles Bailey, who was inspired by Justin Welby’s anti-Wonga rhetoric.

Here’s a snippet:

Young Sophie used be the life of the party

lost her job and that’s when it started

credit card blocked, no money for heat

banks won’t help her get back on her feet

keep seeing adverts on TV

but be careful the small print that you can’t see

now she’s in debt, got a payday loan

interest rates higher than the money she owes.

Lyrical genius.

Listen to the full song below:

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