Lindt’s made a 3kg chocolate teapot - and a guide to eating its chocolate with tea

Harriet Green
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The one-of-a-kind chocolate teapot (Source: Lindt)

Lindt has unveiled its first edible, dark chocolate teapot.

Rather unfortunately, there’s only one, and it’s not for sale - but you can go and visit it.

The enticing 70 per cent cocoa crockery item is intended to go with tea - but obviously can't be used for brewing itself.

For anyone who fancies a cuppa and a butchers, it's on display at Bea’s of Bloomsbury from tomorrow until 18 June.

Former Hollyoaks actress Karen Hassan poses with the teapot. (Source: Lindt)

The one-off number is the brainchild of Lindt’s master chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer, and chocolate artist, Paul Wayne Gregory.

It’s intended to promote Lindt’s new range of chocolate-tea pairings, The helpful guide, which is availale in full on the company's website, is “guaranteed to elevate your tea break into the sublime”, Lindt assures.


Lindt Excellence Dark with a Touch of Sea SaltAssam
Lindt Excellence Dark Cherry IntenseDarjeeling
Lindt Excellence Dark MintMoroccan Mint
Lindt Excellence Caramel with A Touch of Sea SaltEnglish Breakfast
Lindt Excellence 70 per cent CocoaGreen Tea
Lindt Excellence Dark Chilli (Stefan’s favourite)Chai
Lindt Excellence Orange IntenseCeylon
Lindt Excellence White VanillaJasmine Pearls
Lindt Excellence Extra CreamyEarl Grey

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