Is this the most terrifying job interview ever?

Gabriella Griffith
(Source: Virgin Money)

Banks aren’t exactly well-known for their bouncing off the wall, “let’s all sit in a tree house to brainstorm” creativity but Virgin Money is stepping outside the box with its latest job interview.

The bank is searching for a creative genius to join and launch a new proposition, with a particular focus on unique user experiences. In order to find this wacky banking innovator Virgin Money is staging a very unusual interview in deepest darkest Hackney on 10 July.
The premise is the candidate will walk into six different rooms with six different scenarios and have to perform varying tasks. City AM has been privy to just one of the rooms - the candidate will walk into the changing room of a losing team at halftime and will need to motivate them so they go into the second half brimming with confidence. We have no idea what other tasks will be thrown at the budding bankers.
It sounds more like immersive theatre (You Me Bum Bum Train springs to mind) than a job opportunity but you can see where they’re going with it. Virgin Money has been working with creative recruitment whizzes TMP and Audeliss to finely tune the process.
As to whether the new style will become a regular hiring strategy at the bank, it said the process was unique to this role but they wouldn’t rule out using it again in the future.
It sounds terrifying, but fun. Fancy giving it a bash? We certainly do.

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