Mind Candy says new game isn't a precursor to its IPO

Gabriella Griffith

As one of Silicon Roundabout’s sweethearts, Mind Candy and its Moshi Monsters franchise are ones to watch in London’s tech space.

And now the gaming company is striving to prove its more than just one trick monster - with new game, World of Warriors.

A teaser for the game (think Game of Thrones meets your history books) was released this morning, along with a statement from Mind Candy’s colourful chief, Michael Acton Smith.
“I’m thrilled to unleash the first ever teaser for the top secret project our team at the Brighton Mind Candy Studio have been working on for the last year: World of Warriors!” he cooed.
The actual launch date of the game is still unknown but it’s expected to come later this year.
Mind Candy has been hotly tipped for a flotation sometime soon but the games maker insists the release of the new game is unrelated and an IPO is not coming anytime soon.
“We are extremely excited for the launch of World of Warriors and are currently focussing all our efforts on this and a number of other exciting new projects bubbling away,” a spokesperson told us. “Floatation is not on the short term horizon.”
Well, we’ll have to wait with baited breath for both the game and the IPO. Here's the teaser: