Canada Square welcomes 40,000 unusual residents

Gabriella Griffith
(Source: Wikipedia)
There’s a buzz around Canary Wharf today, but it’s got nothing to do with the FTSE or Pret’s latest sarnie: KPMG has added 40,000 to its total residency at 15 Canada Square...
...40,000 bees that is.
The bees moved in over the weekend and have been nestling into their new home, on the 15th floor roof of KPMG. It’s thought to be the first time a company in Canary Wharf has joined in the fight against declining bee numbers by installing hives.
KPMG’s beekeeper (that’s certainly a first for the company), Brian McCallum of Urban Bees, will be taking part in a staff event called The Big Buzz next week, designed to keep KPMGers up to bee speed, hosted by Head of Corporate Affairs and bee champion Marianne Fallon.
The employees at the firm won’t be able to go up and see the bees in person but the company has installed “beecam” so they can watch the fuzzy friends go about their buzzness (yes, we went there) from their desks.
KPMG’s beancounters will also be battling it out in a competition to name the queen bee. We’re thinking HRH KPMBee.
Have you got any ideas?

Those little hives are home to 40,000 bees (Source: KPMG)