London’s population to grow 13pc by 2022

Harriet Green
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A crowd at the Kate Moss for TopShop launch on Oxford Street, London (Source: Getty)

The Office for National Statistics has just released its latest population forecasts for the UK.

According to its number crunching, London will grow by 13 per cent by mid-2022, with the country as a whole seeing seven per cent growth.

London's current population stands at about 8.3m, meaning that it'll hit 9.4m in eight years' time. And with the UK’s population at about 63.2m, it’ll reach around 67.6m.

Today's numbers will no doubt compound concerns that the capital's housing crisis is only set to get worse.

The East will see the second-largest growth as a region, expected to grow nine per cent. According to the stats agency, the South East will come in a close third, rising eight per cent. The North East is projected to see the slowest rate of growth, up just three per cent over ten years.

When it comes to aging population, the number of people aged 65 and over is predicted to go up by between one fifth and one quarter by 2022. With more than 10m people already falling into that bracket, that would take the total to up to 12.5m.