In Pictures: The evolution of Google’s driverless car

Gabriella Griffith
(Source: Google)
It’s here, it’s finally here.
Well, not actually here, Google’s hallowed driverless car is still in Silicon Valley - still, we imagine, driving around the Mountain View-based, Googleplex car park. But we’ve seen photos, so we know a fully-fledged prototype exists. Google's Sergey Brin calls it “chauffeur.”
The car has had mixed reviews, with some calling its face-like bonnet “goofy.” Others think it’s really cute.
Well, we thought we’d imagine what Google was thinking when it designed the two-seater, 125mph, cuddle-mobile. Try and peek into the creative genius of Google designers:
We think they definitely started off with a Porsche.

Porche 997 (Source: Wikipedia)

Then maybe got side-tracked by a Koala.

(Source: Getty)

And then moved through a few favourite cartoon characters. Fans of Japanese animator Miyazaki will surely recognise a touch of Totoro in the car's little face, from 1988 classic, My Neighbour Totoro.

(Source: Studio Ghibli)

Or perhaps they were looking back at Richard Scarry's famous Lowly Worm character, and his fruity wheels.

(Source: Richard Scarry books)

There's every chance one of the designers were wearing a pair of classic grey Nikes.

(Source: Nike)

Maybe their kids have got one of these guys.

(Source: Little Tikes)

But mostly, people are saying it looks a bit like one of these...

(Source: Wikipedia)

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