How the World Cup’s creating 1,300 jobs via 56m slices of pizza

Harriet Green
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If you’re watching the beautiful game, a few slices of pizza may well add to the experience.

And with the Brazil World Cup just around the corner, Domino’s Pizza UK has just kicked off a new recruiting drive, to deal with the extra 6m pizzas it reckons it’ll be delivering over the period.

The high street pizza delivery firm is hunting for 1,300 new recruits. It’s anticipating that, especially given the 64 games will be broadcast live during dinner time and later (5pm-11pm), their (newly enlarged) delivery team will be travelling an impressive 13.5m miles - that’s around 2.7m journeys.

And the numbers Domino’s has crunched don’t stop there.

The 6m pizzas equate to 56m slices. Topically, that’s enough pizza to stretch from London to Rio de Janeiro and back again (over 12,000 miles), the firm’s proudly pointed out.

It’s also calculated that 5,000 pizza makers at its 828 stores will be using 42m slices of pepperoni to satisfy hungry watchers over the period. 823,000kg of tomato sauce will be slathered onto bases and the same amount mozzarella cheese. Each of those is the weight of 109 double decker buses, or one-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Stuart Lauderdale, head of operations at Domino’s Pizza UK, said:

Over half of our current store managers started out as delivery drivers themselves, so whether you’re looking to make extra cash in your spare time or a brand new career, the opportunities are there for the taking.