The ECB's new press chief just killed the Draghi tie guesses game

Peter Spence
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It's that Thursday of the month again, and finance Twitter is getting ready for the big event.

Many would traditionally have spent the morning making their forecasts.

Not on the subject of European Central Bank policy (their monthly decision is out at 12.00pm), but on what colour tie President Mario Draghi would be wearing at this afternoon's presser.

Normally, central bank watchers would tweet their guess with the hashtag #draghtieguesses, but the ECB's new head of press, Michael Steen, has other ideas.

The colour has been prematurely revealed by the central bank's official Twitter profile. Not the step towards towards transparency we were looking for.

Pseudonymous Twitter use Econhedge notes that the leaked tie is the same as Draghi's OMT tie of August 2012. While the ECB is widely expected to sit on its hands this afternoon, this key indicator suggests a rethink may be necessary.