Britain plagued with seriousness claims Walls

Gabriella Griffith
Apparently us Brits are far too serious. Over a third of us admit to spending more than 80 per cent of our time being serious and over half of us claim we do not have enough time for fun because of “serious tasks” like work (eurgh) and worrying about money (bleugh). Overall we spend on average 292 days a year being serious.
This information is brought to you by the very unserious fun-makers at Walls. No wonder they’re so shocked by our inherent seriousness. If we all spent our days rolling around an ice-cream factory licking ice-lollies and spilling ice-cream sandwiches all down our light-hearted t-shirts, none of us would be serious either.
Celebrities, towns and politicians all get ranked in Walls’ serious survey and the results make for some, er, unserious reading.
In terms of celebs, Sir Alan Sugar comes out as the most in need of a smack with the silly branch. No great surprise given he’s a serious business famous man, that’s his shtick. Followed by Simon Cowell and Jeremy Paxman.
Towns might give you a shock - is seems lovely seaside portsville Portsmouth is the most serious town in the whole of the UK. Which is odd, it’s by the sea, surely they consume vast amounts of ice-cream down there? And London doesn’t even appear on in the top ten. Perhaps our daily work stresses versus warehouse party ratio keeps us afloat on the happy stream and out of the pit of despair.
As for politicians, the MP deemed most lacking in the fun department is David Cameron. Well, we rather suppose the weight of running a country does really eat into one’s fun time.
But for those of you feeling you can’t go on, that you’re slipping into the “serious for more than 80 per cent of the time” category - Walls has a solution (if you like in Kings Cross).
Switch your usual commute for a Walls waterbike! Such fun. Not sure how close you’ll actually get to work on those extravagant pedalos but you’ll have fun for a bit at least. That’s 79 per cent serious, 1 per cent more fun. Celebrate with an ice-cream.

Source: Walls