Londoners and Lib Dems most likely to think they’re of above average intelligence

Harriet Green
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Surprising or not, those of us in the capital are more likely than others in the UK to think we’re of above average intelligence.

59 per cent of Londoners answered ‘yes’ for that option in a YouGov poll, which looked at perceptions of intelligence in the UK.

Only two per cent of those surveyed thought they were below the national average, and there was a pretty even split when it came to those that think they’re more intelligent than average (47 per cent), and those who think that they are average (43 per cent).

The only group to trump Londoners when it came to perceptions of personal mental capacity were Liberal Democrats. It turns out that almost one in seven party supporters think they’re of above average intelligence.

Tory, Labour and UKIP supporters more or less match the national average - split roughly half and half between those who think they’re above average and those think they are average.

The UK’s IQ average is 100. Two thirds of us are within the 85 to 115 range - just a third is over that. Nine per cent of people score over 120, with five per cent over 125.

A study carried out in 2008 found that children with higher IQs were more likely to vote as adults, and vote for the Liberal Democrats or Green Party in a general election. Perhaps this isn’t too surprising: inclining towards smaller or fringe parties arguably requires a bit more thinking, or thinking time at least - mainstream ideas need to be toyed with in order for more alternative ones to be embraced.

Affirming for London respondents, a study of European IQ done back in 2006 by professor Richard Lynn found that people in London and the South East scored the highest in the country, with came eighth in the league table.