Half of all Tube trains are running as normal despite the strike

Marion Dakers
Half of all scheduled Tube services are running this lunchtime despite the strike action by the RMT union, Transport for London has said.
Two-third of Underground stations are open, and there were 7,961 buses operating on the city streets this morning – the highest number ever, says TfL.
Boris Bike hires are up 70 per cent, and London Underground boss Mike Brown said the city “remain[s] open for business in the face of this pointless RMT strike”.
Speaking of Boris, the city’s mayor has been out hobnobbing with commuters at London Bridge this morning:

Source: Laura Lean/City A.M.

Meanwhile, the RMT has been doing some number crunching of its own, claiming that Tube ticket offices are responsible for 23 per cent of ticket transactions, compared to the Underground's estimate of three per cent.
“RMT could have recommended the suspension of this strike action if LU had responded positively to our proposal to halt the ticket office closures and job cuts, stopping the dire impact they would have the length and breadth of London Underground,” said acting general secretary Mick Cash.
The Tube will run a reduced service between 7am and 11pm today and tomorrow, before things return to normal on Thursday. A three-day strike is planned for next week unless the union can come to a truce with the Underground.