Uber offer a discount alternative to tube strike mayhem

Peter Spence
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Eager to keep commuters moving throughout planned strike action on the Underground, Uber's new "KeepLondonMoving" promotion will allow Londoners to receive a 50 per cent discount for splitting a car.

Those getting involved need only request a ride via the service's mobile app, then opt to split the fare with their "Uber-savvy friends".

The deal will run from 9.00pm 28 April until 30 April. But be aware that the discount is capped at £25, and surge pricing - Uber's way of bumping up prices to ration vehicles during times of peak demand - may still be imposed.

Surge pricing may see fares reach eye wateringly high levels - during the last strikes the fare multiplier was seen at around 2.5 - so this promotion could help alleviate the cost.

It's almost always a good idea for suppliers to charge more when demand spikes, and that's true for taxis too - if prices of scarce goods don't rise, then there'll be none left. Increases in the price of a good also provide a strong signal that more supply is needed.

78 per cent of the influential economists polled on the IGM Economic Experts Panel agreed that "using surge pricing to allocate transportation services ... raises consume welfare".

Uber has all the details on its blog.