Want to buy a Rangers season ticket? Don't try paying by card

Peter Spence
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One football club is having some serious payment issues.

Scottish team Rangers FC has been advised that allowing fans to pay for season tickets with credit or debit cards would see the club incur "considerable cost".

Rangers' merchant acquirer says card payments would "require extensive security, including standard security to be granted over Ibrox Stadium and an insurance policy".

In its business review and strategic update, the club's board says that it believes the change in terms by the merchant acquirer was down to "the extensive negative coverage of calls in some quarters for supporters to refrain or delay purchasing season tickets."

The club has decided that despite the "inconvenience [for] a significant number of supporters", the demands placed upon the club by the merchant acquirer are "not in the best interests of Rangers." Fans wanting to buy tickets will have to use bank transfer, cash or cheque payment.

Financial troubles saw the club take out a £1m and £500,000 loan in February, secured against land and buildings including the club's iconic Edmiston House.

Should the Club suffer a substantial decrease in season ticket income in the next two months, then it would be unable to trade in the short term without seeking additional external funding as previously disclosed in the RIFC December 2013 interim results.

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