What’s it actually like to work at Facebook?

Gabriella Griffith
Facebook’s bumper annual results last night, with a 72 per cent increase in revenue on last year’s first quarter, means that working at Facebook right now is probably pretty sweet.
No doubt they’re throwing giant beach balls around, high fiving each other and necking ice-cold Buds from their beanbags. Consider us jealous.
But what is it actually like to work there? Glassdoor, the anonymous employee review website has got the skinny, straight from the coding whizzes' fingertips.
Overall the tech giant scores pretty well compared to the Glassdoor average. When asked if Facebook employees would recommend the company to a friend, 92.2 per cent said yes compared to the Glassdoor average of 57.6 per cent. Nuff said.
But what exactly are the pros, and pray tell, what are the cons? Here are the resounding sentiments, as repeated in multiple reviews.
1. "The best thing about this place is that you have so many smart people around you" in 68 reviews
2. "Free food, young and lively coworkers, downtown location" in 51 reviews
3. "Even though the company is growing, you can still make an impact" in 16 reviews
4. "Hundreds of millions of people around the world care about what you do" in 14 reviews
5. "I worry that I may never find such a great work environment again" in 28 reviews (is that ACTUALLY a con? Poor things).
1. "Terrible work/life balance unless you actively set barriers and don't do some things" in 36 reviews
2. "Not really a con but a tradeoff for moving fast: lack of documentation" in 28 reviews.
3. "Lot of work so you tend to be under pressure most of the time" in seven reviews
4. "Office is too cold, with free food everywhere, great sweet shop, it's really really easy to gain weight" in 12 reviews
We guess it needs to be cold to stop people from falling into warm, food comas after all that free grub.