London's top six Airbnb rentals

Gabriella Griffith
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman really doesn’t like Airbnb. He’s meeting the holiday rental company in court today, as Schneiderman wages war on what he describes as “illegal sublets” which appear on the site.
Airbnb has already removed thousands of New York-based lets in a bid to appease Schneiderman, who has issued a subpoena in October in a bid to get Airbnb to hand over records of all hosts in new York State.
The issue boils down to a 2010 law that prohibits renters from subletting their room for less than 30 days. Today, the New York State Supreme Court will hear the arguments put forward by both sides.
The Silicon Valley company, which has facilitated some 11m stays in up to 35,000 cities worldwide, hasn’t had this much trouble from any of its other major locations.
There was some kerfuffle in Amsterdam last year, when it was speculated the city would ban Airbnb for hosting illegal hotels, but it was all resolved and Amsterdam City Council even created a new category of legal rentals with Airbnb in mind.
Local councils in the UK have so far remained quiet on the Airbnb front, London included. Which is good news, because there are some amazing lets on offer in London.
Here, for your viewing pleasure, are just a few:
1. St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite
For a steal at £150 per night, you can rent out a room in the clock tower of one of London's most iconic buildings.

2. Tower House Canal Close, Ladbroke Grove
A room in this amazing flat, concieved and converted by designer Tom Dixon is up for grabs for £120 per night.

3. South Kensington Penthouse
If you like gardens, roof views and eloaborate furnishings this place is perfect, from £450 per night for the whole place.

4. Spitalfields flat with Georgian entrance
It's all in the entrance for this east London flat, you can rent it all from £600 per night.

4. Riverside cottage in Strand-On-The-Green
Fancy dipping your feet in the Thames each morning (no, we wouldn't either but this place is very pretty). It's all yours for upwards of £480 per night.

5. Victorian luxury lodge with pool, Teddington
Who knows when it'll be warm enough to use the pool but when it is, this place is up for £632 per night.

6. Luxury in Hyde Park Gate
Probably not for you if you don't dig red furnishings but for fans of opulence this could be a winner from £600 per night.

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