Top City bankers strip for the Young Vic

Gabriella Griffith

It’s the video they wish we’d never seen, five top City names take part in a fundraising video for the Young Vic theatre which sees them rip open their shirts and sing at the top of their voices.

The video was never supposed to be public, it was aired for 400 guests at special screening back in October but was spotted on the Young Vic YouTube channel and laid bare for the masses, pun intended.

The clip, titled “Life’s a Pitch,” sees ICAP boss Michael Spencer, former JP Morgan bigwig Bill Winters, Citigroup’s Derek Bandeen, Markit’s chief exec Lance Uggla and founder of Clearbrook Capital Partners Robin Saunders pitch a fictional musical to a “Young Vic executive”.

It’s called “Birthday Suits” and it’s about a group of bankers who moonlight as strippers. Even when we say that, you still won’t believe how good it is until you watch.