What do Liberum Capital, George Best and the Highlands have in common?

Gabriella Griffith
Liberum Capital has recently had quite the honour bestowed upon it. The stockbroker, based usually in the heart of the City at Ropemaker Place, is taking to the skies - kind of. Flybe has named one of its planes after it.
It’s called The Spirit of Liberum.
Troubled airline Flybe has just gone through a rebrand, from what we can gather this mainly translates to an enthusiastic use of purple...and somewhat unfortunately, a Ryanair-esque triumphant on-time jingle.
"An eye-catching purple aircraft, the Spirit of Liberum, will be the first Flybe Bombardier Q400 to take to the skies in special commemorative livery: and improved on-board experiences feature the introduction of stylish purple crew uniforms and purple mood lighting as well as daily on-board winners, deplaning gifts and an on-time musical celebration," goes the release.

Chief exec of Flybe Saad Hammad. Source: Theo Moye

Why Liberum? Well, it’s to thank the broker for its “help and support” during its turnaround. Makes perfect sense.
Liberum chief exec Simon Stilwell was understandably chuffed, “The Liberum team has worked closely with Saad [Hammad - Flybe CEO] and his team during Flybe’s turnaround,” he said.
“It is therefore a great honour that their inaugural plane in its new purple livery bears our name.”
This by no means the first time Flybe has Christened its aircraft with meaningful monikers though.
Cities of the UK have been recognised by the airline. There’s been, Pride of Jersey, Pride of Mann, Pride of Birmingham and Spirit of the Highlands. And someone on the executive team of Flybe must be a football fan because there’s also been The George Best and The Kevin Keegan. Representing the ladies, athlete Mary Peters has also had a Flybe namecheck.
Who or what is next? Well, with Wings of the Community being one of the names, we can only suggest Wings of the City, Wings of the Square Mile or Wings of the Wharf.
That’s our tuppence worth.

Source: Theo Moye