Londoners who skip the commute once a week could be refunded £310 a year

Marion Dakers

London workers who skip their commute once a week could be handed a refund of up to £310.50 on their season ticket from next year, under a proposal set out today.

Roger Evans, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, believes commuters who underuse their travelcard by walking, cycling or working from home should be given a cash rebate when their ticket expires.

Those who work remotely, or opt not to take the bus or train, would be given back 70 per cent of their daily fare, between £3.90 and £6.90 per day depending on the zone, under Evans’ plan submitted to Transport for London and put out for consultation.

“We have a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally reform our patterns of work and how we travel,” he said.

The Mayor of London, who is looking into making fares fairer for flexible workers, said he “will certainly ask TfL to examine if we can encourage Londoners to walk and cycle to work as part of this offering from 2015”.