This literally cool map of London shows the hipster migration east

Gabriella Griffith
Source: Flickr - Steven Depolo
Is doesn’t take a genius to work out that London’s trendies have moved to east London over the past ten years, gathering into a melting pot of fixies, skinny jeans and iPads in Hackney and the surrounding area - but this map, plus handy graph, does illustrate it beautifully.
Savills has gathered data from the census looking at where those in the creative industries have been living from 2001 - 2011.
Looking at the graph, it shows how creative types have slowly moved from Kensington and Chelsea to Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Even traditionally creative areas such as Camden have seen a visible reduction in these people.

“Hackney and Tower Hamlets are as you’d expect them to be,” Neal Hudson, Savills UK residential research analyst told us. “People are moving out of what would have been trendy areas 10 or 20 years ago and heading east.
“But what’s interesting is that Islington still has pretty much the same amount of people working in the creative sector living there.” Nice to see Islington holding in there. But one thing’s certain, these trendy young things can’t afford to live in central London.
“As my colleague described it, creative classes make up a ring donut around London rather than the jam in the middle,” said Hudson. With property prices going the way they are, we doubt those creatives will be getting a taste of London’s residential jam any time soon.