Deutsche Bank strategist confirms Game of Thrones party with dress up and “plotting world domination”

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A glimpse into the goings on at a global investment bank - and it’s not all money and strategy.

In a morning research note, Deutsche Bank reveals that it’s not gold, cement company mergers or Eurozone investor confidence that’s gripped it, but the latest Game of Thrones episode.

It begins, thanks to strategists Jim Reid and Anthony Ip, with the following:

Tonight, we’re having a GoT evening in, dressing up in ramous, eating outside round a fire, getting numbers together to form an army and plotting world domination!

The first episode of series four of the enormously-popular fantasy romp premiered in the UK at 2am this morning, coinciding with the US premiere.

Whether it was Reid or Ip writing the opening - and whether this is a private party or one actually being held at Deutsche Bank offices - is unclear, but the note pleads for “no spoilers from those in the US” when it comes to what goes down in episode one.

Of course, those of us who haven’t seen it are trying to navigate the web for recaps on last season’s events, while trying desperately to avoid spoilers.

Game of Thrones-related talk only lasts for so long in the note, though, and there’s a quick - and pretty quirky - digression towards a near rant of the more personal variety:

I'm in the bad books at home as last week we watched a series called Top of the Lake which was on about a year ago. It’s beautifully set in New Zealand. Anyway we watched the first episode only to be completely baffled as to what was going on.

We then watched the second episode still quite baffled as it looked like there were random flashbacks. By the end of the episode I realised we'd watched episode 3 first, episode 2 second and missed episode 1. We caught up the following night.

Things then get even more thoughtful when the stream of consciousness wanders into alternative life choices territory: “Maybe I could have a career as a film producer”, ruminates the writer.

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