Asian markets fall as investors await US jobs data

Guy Bentley
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Asian markets are suffering a small decline as investors wait for US jobs data.

Analysts estimate payrolls to rise by around 200,000, which may raise confidence in the strength of the US economy.

However, a better than expected hike in payrolls may renew fears that the Federal Reserve will contemplate a rise in interest rates sooner than expected.

Equities in Hong Kong have seen strong gains after China's announcement of stimulus measures to combat a slowing economy.

The Nikkei has is down 0.2 per cent, while the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index 0.2 per cent. South Korea's Kospi is also suffering a decline of 0.2 per cent but the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index is making gains of 0.3 per cent. The Tokyo Stock Exchange Price Index is down 0.1 per cent.