This is how people will look at you when you wear Google Glass

Gabriella Griffith
Source: Twitter

Bryan Foster likes wearing Google Glass. He lives in LA and is the kind of guy that calls himself a technology evangelist. On Twitter. And we’d wager on his business card.

He also calls himself a Google Glass Explorer, he’s not the only one of course - there are plenty of these people out there - the Ranulph Fienneses of tech, boldly going where a couple of glass wearers have gone before.

This is the look Bryan got off the staff at Subway when he went in with his Google Glass. He seemed pretty chuffed with their reaction. “The guys at Subway were really impressed with Google glass,” he gleefully tweeted.

We’re not picking up impressed so much as startled, bemused and a bit scared.

This is a picture of Bryan wearing his Glass celebrating Margarita Day.

We thought we’d also share some of our favourite Google Glass explorers from around the web. We can't confirm or deny them to be Glassholes.

And last but not least - as we can see here, fast food employees could all be wearing Google Glass themselves shortly so Bryan probably won't get those funny looks forever.